Twins Game 4/11/07

It’s always nice when the Twins win the first game you attend in a season, but it’s also nice to take a few fun pictures. Here’s what was probably my shot of the night, though not the clearest. Doug Mientkiewicz is always fun to watch, no matter the uniform.

And then Dougie landed (sadly, this is even blurrier than the first).

I just like this one of White and Casilla.

I didn’t realize Morneau did this thing with his face, but perhaps I just haven’t been paying attention.

Morneau again, holding up to get back to second base.


3 responses to “Twins Game 4/11/07

  1. awwww… that’s my DOUGIE!!!! damn, that was quite the catch too… he’s still got it!

  2. Those are some awesome pics.

  3. Howdy stranger! I do hope that you’re still around there. Great pics btw!

    Oh…you’ve been tagged.

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